Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Small review on Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

So I recently started playing MHFU for the PSP and I have to say I'm really loving that game. For those of you who don't know it's a game where you spend most of your time dying because it has an incredibly steep learning curve. There are no levels in this game since all of your strength and defense come solely from your gear so you will spend countless hours killing the same monster to get that one rare component so you can craft a super awesome weapon/armor.

The game incorporates many different elements which are all related to eachother, aside from crafting weapons and armors you can also craft rare items which will help you on your journey whether it's healing yourself or trapping a monster. So far I haven't gotten too far into the game to have gotten a trapping quest but I assume it's much much muuuch more difficult than the simple slaying quests. But whatever I mention in this post is nothing but the tip of the iceberg in a much more complex world that I've yet to discover.

For those of you who have played this game and are veterans at it, leave some tips for us newbie hunters and just general things to look out for. No need to mention that "sinking feeling" quest...I know of it already. Also if anyone is experience using XLink Kai I would really appreciate it if you could explain how the (#$%@ you use it.


  1. I found the older monster hunters kinda repetitive, is this one any better?

  2. Sounds exactly like the first few on the ps2.

  3. I hate games where I keep dying, isn't there a pro guide or something available?

  4. That was actually my one of pet peeves I would have about games. The learning curve is not too much of a problem, but when it's unbearable and I can't get any further than one area, then I just abandon the game...or find strategy guides.

  5. I like that they still make games with a steep learning curve. Games should not just be easy mode and I think thats why people love PvP and online fps because it takes skill. Perhaps people will get back into rpg's and the like if they become harder.