Sunday, February 27, 2011

Minecraft Shenanigans

I'm back from midterms, finally. I'll be trying to post much more frequently from now on.

On to business, recently I've been watching this guy's videos on youtube which is one of those "Let's play" videos. His videos are about Minecraft, I've been meaning to play this game more seriously cause I find it very interesting, unfortunately my computer is just not good enough and can't handle it (yah I know, can't handle blocky graphics). In my poor computer's defense, it's getting to be almost 4 years old.

In any case, If you were wondering how to play minecraft or are just bored and want to watch something, watch this guy's videos, they're pretty entertaining and he's got a ton of them so you won't run out. I'll attach one of his videos and if you want to watch more just go to his channel.

On a different note, does anyone here play rappelz? Just wondering, I wanna find some people to play with.


  1. I like Minecraft videos. Make some more! I want to play so badly but don't wanna dish out the 20 bucks.

  2. I really want to play MineCraft, everyone I know is playing it